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Open IQRF Communication Standard at Embedded World 2024

Press release, April 11, 2024

Wireless mesh networks are still a topic even over twenty years from the first indication of market success at Gartner Hype Cycles (2003). 

Too many tradeoffs and limitations exist in latency, hop count limits, determinism, and reliability through all the globally supported wireless mesh networking technologies until today. The reason is simple: technical concepts focused primarily on routing optimization rather than reliability. 

Contrary to that approach, the IQRF has focused on reliable message delivery as the primary value. With 250+ routing hops and reliable message delivery, the IQRF excels nowadays, especially in street lighting applications, where the long-range should be achieved, and high reliability must be guaranteed. 

After two decades on the market, the IQRF gets standardized, allowing everyone to use and implement all technical achievements and reliable protocols protected by dozens of patents under one royalty-free license.

IQRF technology with its standardization was presented at Embedded World 2024. You can learn more in the brief video recording of the presentation (without comments).

IQRF technology a new standard for wireless mesh networks

Press release, December 5, 2022

Open IQRF introduced as the first completely open and free IQRF standard for wireless mesh networks.

The Czech IoT IQRF technology for wireless mesh networks has been continuously improved since 2004, an extensive ecosystem has emerged around the technology, and its uniqueness is evidenced not only by dozens of granted patents but by almost a million various IQRF devices around the world.

Dr. Vladimír Šulc, IQRF Alliance CEO, presented the first completely open IQRF standard for wireless mesh networks at the Wireless Congress in Munich, which allows any manufacturer to integrate this low-energy, reliable, and proven wireless technology into their IoT devices without any license fees.

For this purpose, the non-profit organization IQRF Standards Association was founded on November 15, 2022, which will ensure the publication of IQRF standards and access to all relevant patents in the patent pool. Open IQRF standards will thus simply be licensed under a single free license. An ambitious plan to publish IQRF standards and complete legal action in just 200 days was announced at the conference.

Press release (2022/12): EN, CZ