Why to choose the IQRF technology?

IQRF wireless mesh technology represents the next generation of IoT mesh networks, offering industrial reliability, ultimate security, simple integration, interoperability, and energy efficiency. It is the key to efficient and intelligent device interconnectivity across various industries, from industrial and urban applications to healthcare and smart buildings. Get ready for the future with IQRF mesh technology and start harnessing all the advantages of this incredible technology!

Get IQRF Communication Standard Specification

Key advantages of IQRF technology:

✔ Industrial reliability. Thanks to the IQMESH® protocol, more network nodes mean higher reliability. It is deterministic and reliable even in difficult environments. It delivers robustness and industrial reliability to the wireless IoT.

✔ Ultimate security. The complex approach from device association to a network to automatically encrypted communication is based on security standards.

✔ Simple integration. Modular architecture, lightweight yet efficient DPA protocol, hardware and software development tools, plenty of guides, examples, and tutorials along with excellent technical support make development easy.

✔ IQRF True Low Power®. Battery self-life is the limit. Not the wireless consumption. 
The IQRF defines new limits, far beyond the existing ones.
For example, a sensor transmitting data every minute can run for more than 20 years on a single AA battery. Twice the actual battery life.

✔ Interoperability and huge ecosystem. The interoperability of devices from different manufacturers is based on IQRF Interoperability standards. For example, the sensor standard defines the format of more than 40 quantities including their transmission.